Trailer Cable Wire Rope Sling For Crane

What should you do if your car breaks down in the middle of the road? Or in traffic jams? With an emergency tow line, hook your car to another car and let it pull you to a safe place or the nearest garage. Strong and durable. Your car may break down many times, but you only need an emergency tow rope to fix it at a time.
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Product Details

Vinyl caotind galvanized Cable Wire Rope Sling for Crane

Product Information


6.0mm or as required



galvanized or stainless steel



5.Material of fitting(hook)

Carbon steel with zinc plating

6.Lead time

Usually 20 days, 7days is necessary if there were enough material in stock


Free sample steel wire rope loop available if all of dimensions same as our existing one ,if not ,contact me to get a cost efficient solution.

What if your Trailer falls off?

If your trailer is separated from the trailer, there are a few things you need to do. If your trailer is still connected to the safety chain, use the manual trailer brake control to slow down your trailer and slow your trailer as you drive to the side of the road. If your trailer is uncoupled and it has no safety chain attached, your zipper will break, the cable will pull out, and the trailer brake will engage. In this case, pull your vehicle over until your Trailer comes to a complete stop and you have the opportunity to assess the situation.

Do I need a disconnected cable on my trailer?

All trailers and semitrailers weighing more than 4000 pounds must be equipped with properly functioning brakes controlled by the motor vehicle operator. All trailers with a registered weight of more than 3000 pounds require brake release.

Trailer Breakaway Cable With Clevin sling Latch Hook

The breakaway cable has a two-fold purpose. One end is attached to the brake on the trailer and the other end to a suitable point on the towing vehicle.

In the event of a trailer becoming unhitched while the vehicle and trailer are in motion, the breakaway cable will apply the trailer brake to allow the trailer to come to a halt just before the cable snaps and the trailer separates completely from the towing vehicle, thus minimising the risk of a runaway trailer on a public highway.

How does the separation cable work?

Disconnect the cable to the brake system on the trailer and then to the rear of the tractor. If the trailer is detached from the vehicle during towing, the cable pulls out the pin attached to the trailer brake to engage and safely stop your Trailer.

wire rope trailer cable sling

High quality winch cable - made of galvanized cable to ensure durability and high performance, metal hooks are coated with rust, corrosion and weatherproof; ideal for handling harsh environments.


Wide range of application - replace trailer winch hook is widely used in ship, truck, motorboat and car trailer two-year warranty.

Get your Trailer cable off the ground

Clip it on yourself, and it won't get in the way when you don't use it

The detachable Trailer cable system keeps the cable away from the ground and danger when towing. When you're not pulling, it's easy for the rope to get stuck in your way.

Company Information

Our company -Dongguan Guofeng established in 2007,which has a history of 13 years.In 2007,gym cable accessory and wire rope assy are our major product. Due to the continuous development of the company and the strong team, we extend other types of product which are also made by steel wire rope with other accessory.Tool lanyard tether,suspension cable kit ,wire rope sling ,cable lock ,lock box are also our hot-sales product nowadays.

Guofeng has a complete of facilites to ensure us providing one-stop manufacture service to customers, including die-casting machine, hydraulic machine, punching machine, spring machine, peeling machine, cutting machine, high frequency welding machine, only to mention a few.

company detail


cable wire sling,steel wire rope slingcertificate

production process

wire rope assembly of production process

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