Vinyl Coated Breakaway Towing Cable

Vinyl coated wire rope sling for car towing
High tension breakaway towing cable
Galvanized and are extremely durable and can be made into single, double, three or four foot structures.
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Trailer Break Away Emergency Cable Wire Caravan Towing Cable

If you're new to caravanning then it's important to know about breakaway cables - a steel cable that is designed to bring the trailer or caravan to a halt in the unlikely event the towed unit becomes unhitched. 

A high quality detachable cable for increased safety when you tow a trailer or caravan. By law, if these release cables are separated from your vehicle, they will engage the brakes on your station wagon or trailer. Easy to use. Features: high quality engagement brake easy to use when disconnected from main vehicle specification:Color: Red length: 1m diameter: 3mm

Wire Caravan Towing Cable wire rope sling

Wire rope slings and assemblies are the most common and rugged slings used today and can be made in single, double, triple and quadruple leg configurations.  Wire rope sling assemblies can also be braided into multiple parts making them more flexible and able to handle higher capacity by increasing the diameter of the sling. Together, all Rigging & Tools riggers are trained to fabricated wire rope slings with a flemished eye splice, not a  tuck or turn back eye splice. The end terminations of wire rope slings come in many configurations, but the most common ends for wire rope slings are standard eyes, heavy duty thimble eyes, swage sockets, and spelter sockets.

wire rope assembly

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