Steel Wire Rope Sling Assembly

1.Galvanized Cable with Swaged Eye Terminal
2.Stainless harness Pin&Steel Cable End pin
3.OEM Steel Wire Coiled Safety Cable for outdoor
4.Buy wholesale from china High strength lifting sling stainless steel wire rope
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Product Details

  • Constructed of Standard 316 Stainless Steel for maximum corrosion resistance, durability and strength.

  • 1/8 inch diameter with 7x7 construction consisting of 7 groups of 7 strands braided together to form a strong, flexible cable that is superior to other cable configurations.

  • Excellent for deck cable railing Balustrade handrail systems, architectural, marine and industrial uses. Not intended for aircraft use or overhead lifting.

  • Comes packaged on a heavy duty plastic spool for ease of use and convenient storage

  • Beautiful, high quality marine grade stainless steel suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


According to the research analysis and market prospect forecast report of China's steel wire rope industry from 2020 to 2026 released by China Market Research Network, in recent years, the investment and target output of domestic steel wire rope enterprises have grown rapidly, and the ordinary steel wire rope field is facing the pressure of oversupply. Homogenization is becoming increasingly fierce. In the field of special steel wire rope, some domestic leading steel wire rope companies adopt differentiated strategies and focus on the development of market segments. By optimizing product structure and increasing research and development of new products, they are moving towards high technology content, high cost performance, long service life and compaction. , Plastic filling, plastic coating, special-shaped, composite structure steel wire rope development direction. In different segments of special steel wire ropes such as elevators, aviation, large-scale hoisting, heavy lifting, mine hoisting, ships and offshore facilities, some advanced enterprises with production and operation characteristics, technological research and development advantages and market segment resources gradually show their dominant positions .

Statistics on import and export of uninsulated steel strands, ropes and cables

"Global and China Steel Wire Rope Market Research and Development Prospect Forecast Report (2017)" Based on years of research on the steel wire rope industry, combined with the development status of the global and Chinese steel wire rope industry market, the senior research team organizes and analyzes the steel wire rope market information, and Relying on national authoritative data resources and long-term market monitoring database, a comprehensive and detailed investigation and analysis of the wire rope industry has been carried out.

The "Global and China Wire Rope Market Research and Development Prospect Forecast Report (2017)" released by China Industry Research Network can help investors accurately grasp the market status of the wire rope industry, make predictions on the prospects of the wire rope industry for investors to invest, and tap the wire rope industry Investment value, and at the same time put forward suggestions on investment strategies and marketing strategies for the wire rope industry.

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