Steel Wire Rope Cable Sling Assemblies

1. Standard and custom designs are created per your requirements
2. Wire rope and fittings are stocked at our facility
3. Wire rope is cut to length and fittings are swedged on using one of our hydraulic presses
4. You can choose from cable fittings such as copper or aluminum sleeves, stamped eyelets, balls,
threaded studs, shank type eyes, forks and more
5. Connection hardware conforms to all industry specifications
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Product Details

Product Parameter (specification) :

Diameter:1/16” – 7/8” Diameter
Inner Wire Diameter:Galvanized Or Stainless Steel
Quality:In-process And Final Quality Inspection
Sample:Free sample with express cost,sample can be customized
Package:Packed in 17*17*41 carton,1pcs/polybag or by customized package

Product Picture Display:

Flash cutting - hydraulic forging - cable stripping - Hot Stamping - Tensile test - packaging and matching

3 / 64 "to 3 / 8" diameter wire ropes and accessories - we offer a wide range of wire ropes, standard and special accessories and components. Our strategic purchasing and inventory management give us the advantage to provide competitive price and reliable production time.

steel wire rope sling

steel wire rope assembly

steel wire rope with brass part

custom steel wire assembly

colorful sleeve for steel wire rope sling

History of wire rope development:

Classification according to the wire rope twisting method

Single strand

Also called single twist rope, made of rope wire

Wire rope level

Wire rope level

It is made by twisting around the central wire or hemp core, and can be twisted one or more layers of steel wires.

Double twist rope

It is made by twisting a double-stranded rope around a rope core (steel core or fiber core), which can twist one or more layers of steel wires. It is the most widely used wire rope variety.

Three twist rope

Double twisted rope is used as the strand to be twisted around the core of the rope. It is mainly used for steel wire ropes with a diameter of 60mm or more, such as offshore steel wire ropes.

The marking method of wire rope twisting method is as follows:

a Right alternate twist ZS: the rope is twisted right, the strand is twisted left, the twist direction of the strand is opposite to the twist direction of the steel wire in the strand, which is called alternate twist

b Left alternating twist SZ: rope left twist, strand right twist

c Right simultaneous twist ZZ: Rope twist right, strand right twist

d Left-hand twist: left twist of rope, left twist of strand

e Right mixed twist: rope right twist, some strands left twist, some strands right twist

f Left mixed twist: rope left twist, some strands right twist, some strands left twist

Folding is classified according to the contact state of the inner wire of the strand

According to the contact state between adjacent layers of steel wires in the strand, there are three types: point contact, line contact or surface contact.

① Point-contact steel wire rope: The diameter of the steel wires in the strands is the same, the lay angles between the layers of the steel wires are the same, and the lay lengths are different, so the inner and outer layers of wires cross each other and are in point contact.

② Wire rope in line contact: The lay length of each layer of steel wire in the strand is the same and the lay angle is different, and the inner and outer layers of steel wire are in contact with each other on a spiral line, in a line contact state. Under the same conditions of use, the service life of the line contact wire rope is longer than the point contact wire rope.

③Compacted steel wire rope, originally called surface contact steel wire rope, during the twisting process of steel wire rope, after forging, drawing, etc., the contact surface is formed between the steel wires, including strand compaction, steel wire compaction and strand double compaction, etc. .

④ Sealed steel wire rope: The outer layer is made of special-shaped steel wires, including steel wires with T-shaped, S-shaped and Z-shaped cross-section structures. The surface is smooth and has good wear resistance. Compared with other types of steel wire ropes of the same diameter, it has greater tensile strength and can It can bear lateral pressure, but has poor flexibility, complex technology and high manufacturing cost. It is often used as a load-bearing cable, such as cable cranes and aerial ropeways.

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