Steel Wire Rope Assembly With Two Eyelets

Steel Wire Rope Assembly With Two Eyelets

GF-A15042799 Steel Wire Rope Assembly with Two Eyelets
Security cable
1.5mm 7*7 304 stainless steel wire rope coated transparent PVC to 2.5mm
Eyelet is size of 15*4*1.7mm
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The development history of steel wire rope:

In 1834, the European Olubert invented the world’s first steel wire rope (smooth steel wire rope). The Tianjin No. 1 Wire Rope Factory established in 1939 was my country’s first metal product enterprise. Up to now, my country has produced and used light Surface steel wire rope for more than 70 years [1]

Folding wire

The wire rope needs to bear the effect of alternating load during use, its performance

Mainly determined by the mechanical properties of the steel wire, the surface condition of the steel wire and the structure of the steel wire rope. The steel wire material includes carbon steel or alloy steel, which is formed by cold drawing or cold rolling. The cross section of the steel wire has round or special shape (T type, S type and Z type). The special shape cross section steel wire is mainly used for the production of sealing wire ropes. High tensile strength and toughness, and suitable surface treatment of steel wire to meet the needs of different environmental conditions.

Picture of actual production workshop scene:

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