Stainless Steel Wire Lifting Cable

1.High strength lifting sling stainless steel wire rope
2.Wire rope cable assembly for connecting
3. A variety kind of cable assembly
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Product Details

Stainless Steel Wire Lifting Cable

  • CABLE SPECIFICATION - 4 feet, Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Wire Rope with Clear Vinyl Coating. 3/16" Overall Diameter. Cable has Looped Ends That are Clamped With Aluminum Sleeves.

  • CABLE CONSTRUCTION - Center core diameter is 1/8". Cable's construction is made with 7 strands with 19 wires in each strand offering flexibility and durability. Cable breaking strength - 1760lbs.

  • SUITABLE ANYWHERE – These cables offer durability, flexibility, moderate resistance to corrosion and suitable for indoor outdoor purposes. Because this wire is strong and has non-rusting properties it can serve a number of purposes to your home, property or equipment.

  • CUSTOMIZED CUT - These cables are customized cut to order and tailors to any project that requires a specific length.

steel wire rope cable

wire rope sling

wire rope assmebly

Our Advantages

1.ISO9001 certification, 7S, KPI, NPS, PDCA management deployed, regular employee training, stable growth over 15 years comparing to a industrial average of 5 years

2.R & D capacity: design(ODM), developing(OEM/ODM), technique(idea realizing and production support), 15 engineers(HR), Solidworks/UG(software), 3D plastic printer(prototype)

3.Engineering capacity: mold design/making/maintenance, production equipment design/making/maintenace

4.Production capacity: 40% automation, die-casting, plastic injection, braiding, welding, punching process in-house

5.Supplier chain: 80% coming from major players, multiple options

6.Quality control system: material inspection, production inspection, warehouse inspection, preventive actions, corrective actions, internal audit(workshop), external audit(supplier), testing equipment

7.Sales team: 2 units(domestic/international), 20 salesperson, 7x24 service

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