Quick Link Locking Carabiner Wire Rope Cable

Convenient use for quick link locking carabiner
Quik link wire rope for hanging and lifting.
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Product Details

1.Production Detail:

Choosing the right lanyard for your job requirements

2.Product Key factor:

Connectors & Hooks : Snap hooks are the most common out of the bunch. Safety Hooks are large hooks with high tension, commonly called scaffold hooks and hanging hooks. And there are tie-back carabiners, that can be used like a normal snap hook or used to make your lanyard into it's own anchor point. Connectors & hooks all are available in steel and high strength aluminum/zinc alloy/stainless steel/steel,especially aliminum material hook-to make your lanyard lighter weight.

Single Leg or Double Leg : Certain jobs require a user to have 100% tie-off capabilities, in these cases you need to have a double or twin leg lanyard. Single leg lanyards are lighter weight and you don't have an extra leg hassling you while you are working. It is your duty to make sure you have the right lanyard for your job site requirements.

Length : 6 ft. is the standard lanyard length, but we have adjustable, shorter, and longer lanyards available. Make sure the length of your lanyard is suitable to allow yourself to do your job without hindering your movement. Make sure a lanyard is kept as a short as possible to minimize free fall distance.Customization is avaliable.

Safety aloft work protection Shock Absorbers :Lanyards used for your fall arrest system must contain a shock absorber that limits the arresting forces to safety bearing range.When attaching a lanyard to an anchor point at your feet, you need a specialty free fall lanyard, that has an extra long and stronger energy absorber to reduce the much greater impact force that happens when tying off at your feet.Also available in an expandable or stretch style, which keeps the lanyard shorter and expands and contracts when you move.

Impact Indicators : Impact indicators enables users to easily inspect a lanyard, to know if it has been involved in a fall. Once a energy absorber or shock absorber has been deployed, the lanyard must be removed from service and properly disposed.

3.Company strength display:

Quick Link Locking Carabiner Wire Rope CableQuick Link Locking Carabiner Wire Rope lanyard

Quick Link Locking Carabiner Wire Rope assembly

QC testCompany strength display

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