Plastic Coated Steel Cable

This Hardware Wire Rope is constructed from galvanised steel and has a UV-stabilised PVC coating.
Available in a wide range of sizes they are suitable for a number of balustrading and rigging applications.
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Product Details

1. Product Introduction 

Plastic coated steel cable for sport

2. Product Parameter (specification) 

Diameter:3-10mm or as required.
Material of coating: PVC,PE,PU,nylon,etc
Length: custom made.
Breaking load: depend on the diameter.
Package Type: wire rope assemblies with diecast or stainless terminal ends ,standard export carton.
Lead Time : 15days.

Advantages: Direct factory, good quality, competitive prices.

Certificate: ISO9001

Product features:

- Jump rope for professionals

- Suitable for functional training

- Jump rope for your fitness workout

- With removable weights (2 x 180 grams)

- Steel cable with PVC sheathed

- Plastic handles with swivel

- Length: 270 cm

3. Product feature and application 





PVC coating is used for general purpose applications.  The many reasons for PVC coating of wire rope include aesthetics, ergonomics, protection.and visibility.  It's used in a wide variety of environments such as indoors or outdoors, wet or dry, exposed or unexposed to UV light.

5. Prodect qualification





6.Process & Quality

We use a variety of materials, equipment and auxiliary processes to produce products that our customers rely on. Metals and plastics, such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, alloy steel, nylon, PVC and Teflon, are examples of materials used in the manufacture of products. Through the use of specialized machinery and highly skilled labor to process raw materials into products.

7. Guo feng Latest news

Guofeng's main products include 6 categories:

Cable lock: suitable for all kinds of computers, laptops, laptops, mobile phones.

Suspension cable kit: used to hang various LED lights and other lights.

Wire rope sling: used for trailers, heavy slings.

Tool lanyard: a tool used for high-altitude operations, and can also be used for fishing, boating, etc.

Control cables: used in various bicycles, motorcycles, machines, and latch systems.

Cables for sports equipment: elastic ropes and fitness ropes.

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