Rigging hardware wire rope cable assembly

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Galvanized steel wire rope for agriculture, appliances, automotive, climbing, communications, construction.
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1.Product name

Rigging hareware wire rope cable assembly 

2.Product factor

1>What is the safety factor of wire rope sling?

5: 1

The design safety factor of these slings is 5:1. This means that a force of 5 times the working load limit must be applied to the sling before it may fail. For example: the breaking strength of wire rope sling is up to 180000 lbs, and that of round synthetic sling is 700000 lbs.

2>How is lifting capacity calculated?

Crane Lifting Capacity Calculation

(r)(hC)/100, where r is the radius (distance along the ground to the load) and hC is lifting height times capacity. Capacity, in turn, is particular to each boom arm length and angle chosen.

3>What is safe working load of a rope?

To consider the above variables, we use an arbitrary number to reduce the actual load applied to the rope. This number is called the safe workload. The ratio of working load to tensile strength of wire rope is called safety margin.

4>What is the design factor of wire rope?

The design coefficient of wire rope strength refers to the ratio of the rated strength of wire rope to its working stress. If a particular rope has a nominal strength of 100000 lbs and operates at a working stress of 20000 lbs, the rope strength design factor is 5. Its working strength is one fifth or 20% of the rated strength.

5>How do you inspect a wire rope?

1-Use the "rag and visual inspection" method to check for external damage. Gently grasp the rope, use a rag or cotton cloth, and slowly move along the wire...

2-Measuring the rope diameter...

3-Visually inspect the inside of the wire rope for wear, corrosion, pitting and lubrication.

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3.Company strength

Guofeng has been working on the industry for 15 years, and we are the alibaba gold plus supplier for 10 years, which you can easily check it.

Guofeng has a team of 30 professional R&D staff and 25 experienced QC staff serving customers around the world.

The main products are devided into 3 catagories: wire rope assembly, safety tool lanyard and security pin locks.

The most important value we believe is to provide the best products and the best after-sales service to customer. 

Guofeng has a complete of facilites to ensure us providing one-stop manufacture service to customers, including die-casting machine, hydraulic machine, punching machine, spring machine, peeling machine, cutting machine, high frequency welding machine, only to mention a few.

steel wire rope assembly

wire rope assembly

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