Spring Tool Cable Lanyard For Helmet Security

customized cable support spring tool lardyard with strong capacity
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coated environmentally friendly PVC, PU; it is healthy, safe and durable

Ultra-long flexible steel wire cable; it is still full of elasticity after hundreds of strength, the extension length can be customized according to your company's requirements, up to 3 meters long, suitable for different needs in various occasions

It can be made with High-quality alloy wrapped connection; durable and beautiful

The product can be matched with various locks, tools, fishing gear, luggage, electromechanical doors and windows, elevators and other products; versatile, convenient and practical

Fix your luggage together on the way to prevent thieves from taking your luggage away. One more selection to secure your belongings.

The steel wire rope has high-temperature resistance, good fatigue resistance, strong braking force, long service life, and diverse colors

The steel wire ropes can be in stainless steel or galvanized steel, the structure is customized according to customer needs, plastic-coated environmentally friendly PVC, PU, pe, pa, and other environmentally friendly plastic materials

Packing: blister card packaging, or PE plastic bag packaging.

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