Security Cable Tool Layard For diving

security cable tool layard for deep sea fish wire forceps tools.
The Coiled Tool Lanyard is versatile and hard wearing.
Its compact size means that it is perfect for restricted work spaces.
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Product Details

security cable tool layard for deep sea fish wire forceps tools




  • Coil design reduces lanyard length and prevents snag and tangle hazards

  • Constructed with PU covered aircraft cable for ultimate strength and durability

  • Ring design to secure the hole of tools




1.the products are used to attached hand tools to user while they are working at height.The intent of the lanyard is to ensure that a tool will not drop and injure someone working or standing below the work zone .such as window cleaning and working at heights


2. Tool Safety Lanyard for Scaffolding Scaffolders Tools and other tools such as Tactic use 


3. For small diameter coil tool lanyard, they can be used in the kayak, canoe, boats, etc or used in hiking to protect from losing goods or to fasten goods to your pocket, it is very convenient 


4. Fishing lanyard acts as a protector for your easy-losing stuff, keeping them close to handy use.A hassle-free way to take along with your favorite fishing gears. It is applicable for outdoor recreation, not only fishing but also hiking, camping and hunting.


How about your quantity of the tool lanyard:

For the quality control, our test is supposed to pass 3 times using your required weight load in the vertical drop, the crimp cannot pull-out, and rope not broken after tested.

Our spiral lanyard was specially produced and has advanced technology and We've been in these products for more than 8years, and have many regular customers in the USA , prime quality!




double ring lanyard


red lanyards


coil lanyard

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