Quick Release Buckle Lanyards

Quick Release Blue Spiral Lanyard With Ring And Hook If the size is the same as ours, we can provide you with samples for free
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Product Details

Product Introduction 

It is stronger than stainless steel and is still tough when used for a long time

Product Parameter (specification)

Diameter of inner cable:1.0mm,1.2mm or other

Outer diameter:6mm, 5mm, 4.0mm etc or custom-made

Construction of steel:1*9,7*7,7*19 etc

Material:stainless steel or galvanized steel or other 


Length of lanyard:As requirement 

Diameter of coil:30-50mm or as requirement 


Can be easily attached to all accessories such as safety tools ,diving accessories ,kayal ,boating accessories ,etc all kinds of hooks,stainless carabiner,aluminum carabiner,clips,loops,cloth lanyard,swivel hook,etc

Production details


Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Guofeng 

Model Number: Buckle lanyard

Material of coating: PVC,PE,PU,nylon,etc

Diameter: 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.8mm, 2..0mm ,etc

Material of steel: stainless steel or galvanized

Steel grade: High grade

Construction of steel: 1*7,7*7,1*19,7*19,etc

Length: 2m-3m or as requirement

Breaking load: depend on the diameter

Product qualification

Quick Release Buckle Lanyards

Deliver,shipping an serving

Three month warranty


Q: Did you produce all these hardware fittings by yourselves?or outsourcing?

A:Our own produce by our hardware department

Q: Did you produce the wire rope by your factory?

A: We don't produce steel wire rope, but we are A manufacturer of wire rope processing and customization, with 15 years of processing and manufacturing experience.

Q: How to control the quality of your company?How to control the cost?

A: We have four inspections back and forth, and we have A whole set of QC inspection procedures and schemes.As for the cost, our company has improved the production equipment in recent years, increased the production training and on-duty for the production staff, and improved the production efficiency etc.