2.5mm Red Vinyl Trailer Breakaway Coil Cable With 9mm Carabiner And Hook

2.5mm Red vinyl trailer breakaway coil cable with 9mm Carabiner and hook
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T10 tool lanyard (12)

  • Resilient coiled PVC cord is lightweight yet durable 

  • Low profile, allows a full range of motion

  • Unique molten closure system keeps loops clean, strong and neat. 

  • Nylon web with snap closure to quickly secure to belt. 

  • Can be adapted to virtually any lanyard or ring. 

  • Allows full extension 100% Rubber coated for easy cleaning,100% brand new 

  • customed -made 

  • all kinds of hooks,stainless carabiner,aluminum carabiner,clips,loops,cloth lanyard,swivel hook,etc

  • the products are used to attached hand tools to user while they are working at height.The intent of the lanyard is to ensure that a tool will not drop and injure someone working or standing below the work zone,such as window cleaning and working at heights

  •  Tool Safety Lanyard for Scaffolding Scaffolders Tools and other tools such as Tactic use 

  • For small diameter coil tool lanayrd ,they can be used in the kayal, canoe, boats ,etc or used in hiking to protect from losing goods or to fasten goods to your pocket ,it is very conventient .

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