Vinyl Trailer Breakaway Coil Cable With Hook

Lanyard means a third-party tool tether with a load rating of 5 lbs (2.3kg).
The design is designed to relax when the coil is only 5 inches when not in use, but when extended to 62 inches, it is required.
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High visibility 1/2" safety coil lanyards with hooks

10" loop with dual-channel lock for secure tool attachment

Cinch or carabiner belt attachment

Convenient coil lanyards loop for belt attachment

For tools up to 6 lbs.

This coiled tool tether makes the length of the tether close to the anchor point.

This item can prevent attached tools from falling from height.

The rotary shackle is designed to prevent entanglement.

The safe working load is 0.5kg.

Product Picture

 tool lanyard

lanyards with hook

 tool coil lanyard

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