LED string light hanging mounting kit

We offer a wide range of Cable Suspension Kit to hang the Linear Lights, Decorative Lights, Lighting Panels,
High Way Lights, and Track Lights, etc.
We are customizing the kits based on customer requirements. The hanging kit Contains :
1. Ceiling Attachment
2. 7x7-1.5 MM Diamter GI Rope wire
3. Cable Gripper With M5 Square Screwr
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Product Details

LED Hanging Suspension Cable

hanging kits for light

Grab a screw and attach it to the intended panel

This cable gripper has a clutch fitting allowing for infinite cable adjustments.

To release the cable from the clutch simply push on the nose piece and the cable will release.

Once the desired length is achieved simply trim excess cable. The excess cable will present from an opening at the side of the fitting.

Solutions & Ideas

Perfect for suspending vertical or horizontal panels or why not create an architectural hanging feature?

Fitting & fixing

Attach to the panel via internal M6 tread or up to 8 gauge countersunk screw


Hanging displays can be a nightmare to set up. Some cable support systems can be fiddly and difficult to adjust and can make you wonder if it’s even worth it at all. Not with Smart Hang! The Smart Hang system, proudly distributed across China Guofeng by Advanced Display Systems, is a universal and multipurpose display solution. It doesn’t matter if you’re hanging or suspending signage, decorative panels, décor, or something else – the Smart Hang Display System will make setting up your hanging display a breeze.



First impressions count! Make your business, department, or organization stand out above the rest by adding a hanging display to your space. The Smarthang Cable Suspension System offered by Advanced Display Systems can support up to 10 kilograms given it is installed correctly. Browse through the different application examples we have below and become inspired by the range of options.

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