Guofeng Manufacture High Quality Stainless Steel Wire For LED Panel Light Hanging

Guofeng manufacture high quality stainless steel wire for LED panel Light Hanging. We can provide customized services to our customers ,the tighter tolerance ,the higher the cost of the cost.
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Product Details

Company Information

 1) OEM quality standard guaranteed,STOCK AVAILABLE   

 2) Competitive prices.

3)Pre-stretched cable provides better braking and low maintenance  

 4) Flexible and convenient logistic service.

5) Short-delivery time. 

6) Good after-sales services 

7) Long lasting working life time.

 8) FREE SAMPLES can be provided.


Product Details

·         Light Suspension System is rustproof

·         Easy to install

·         The  weight these suspension systems can hold more than 20kg

·         The system attaches to the glass walls of your tank and can be easily adjusted to house smaller lighting units

·         Lengths available are 60cm, 90cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm and 180cm - all models are actually 10cm longer than stated to ensure that they will fit your tank

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