Ceiling Light Wire Hanging Cable Kit

Ceiling Light Wire Hanging Cable Kit

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1. product Introduction

1.lighting solution complete suspension system for all lighting applications - beautiful - simple and efficient installation - complete off-site solution

2. Standard suspension clamping suspension solutions are manufactured in Dongguan, China, to save you time, money and labor by improving the efficiency of the installation process. Unlike traditional methods, clamping kits do not require on-site cutting, filing, or hot working, thus providing significant health and safety benefits for your project. Our products offer a smooth, professional and discreet finish without compromising strength; offer off the shelf kits that you can choose from end fixing and wire rope lengths.

3. Hanger is our latest innovation, specially designed for building lighting and hanging, which is very important in aesthetics. Simple one handed operation, easy to adjust modern design to complement the overall suspension range, suitable for most lamps, suitable for up to 15 Kg load, the safety factor is 5:1, to adapt to various suspension requirements and provide convenience, namely, the use of kits, length up to 10 meters, the standard use of 1.5 mm wire rope to make the suspension as careful as possible as a standard, all kits are equipped with beautiful top hat tube, ceiling fixed with M6 thread. Other ceiling fixtures, such as rings, studs, magnetic pads, etc., are available on request with the latest innovative clamping end fixings - a wide selection of end fixing options to suit your application accessories - other product designs help your installation

The 5 squeeze lock is designed for visible lighting applications and offers a variety of connection options. Complementary, beautiful design, easy to adjust by one hand extrusion, bright, electroplated finish, ready-made kit, a series of wire ropes and a wide range of connector types of ceiling fixing options, suitable for most substrates up to 10 meters, standard load of 15 kg, safety factor of 5:1, clamping extrusion lock kit is not only a supplement to the building structure, but also an installation High speed, high efficiency.

2. Prodection details 

suspension  cable kitwire cable hanger kit

3. Prodect qualification

steel wire hanging kit

4. Deliver,shipping an serving

A year warranty


5. Latest news(About our company)

Dongguan Guofeng Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and located in Dongguan city, Guangdong province.

Our company was founded through hard work, now we have a complete service system for our customers, our main products are wire rope assembly, steel spring tool lanyard, steel wire control cable, key cable lockbox, laptop cable lock and kinds of functional cable locks.

“Customer at our core” is the cornerstone of our values and integral part of everything we do here at Guofeng. 

Professional production equipment and testing equipment:die-casting machine, hydraulic machine, punching machine, spring machine, peeling machine, cutting machine, high frequency welding machine, only to mention a few.

We specialize in sourcing, designing, and producing bespoke products solutions for any companies from the world, all components are certified to ISO9001.

The most important value we believe is to provide the best products and the best after-sales service to customer.

Guofeng has a team of 30 professional R&D staff and 25 experienced QC staff serving customers around the world.

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