Aircraft Cable Gripper Fittings

1.Aircraft cable gripper fittings for LED lights with stainless steel wire rope 1/4 suspension hanging kits
2.Wire Cable Gripper for led light/suspension sysytem
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Aircraft cable gripper fittings


Quick Details

Suspended ceiling hook - approximately clamp:

Cable holder (also known as cable slider or cable fastener)

Metal part, cylindrical, with external dimensions in accordance with Annex 2, capable of holding 7 x 7 steel ropes by 3 spherical locking systems.

When unclipping the cable, slide in the opposite direction.

After the cable is inserted, it is not allowed to enter the locking mechanism or tamper with its interior. Components used as metal safety seals.

wire rope suspension cable kit

Adjustable brass cable holder - floating panel has never been so easy to install!

This clutch has an expected cable clamp that connects to the panel and allows adjustment of the cable.

To release the cable from the clutch, simply push the front end and the cable will release.

Once the required length is reached, just trim the excess cable. Excess cable will be drawn out from the opening on the side of the connector.

Solutions and ideas

Great for hanging vertical or horizontal panels, or why not create a building suspension feature?


cable wire hanger

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steel wire rope cable assembly

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