Security PC Tablet Lock

Two keys Security PC Notebook Lock
Two keys with key ring Compatible with most notebook computers (with GuoFeng-style lock provision)
Maclocks Universal Tablet Lock Adhesive Security Plate
2 Keys Durable Steel iPad Locking Kit
Anti Theft Hardware Protection for Mobile Laptop Notebook Computer
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Product Details

Notebook Laptop Lock:

1. PC notebook cable lock for smart phone/notebook computers

2.Products No.: CP002

3.Material:stainless /galvanized steel wire.

4.Product Description:

1)Small and exquisite;

2)Zinc alloy;

3)1.8M length;

4)Black clear PVC coating.

Use of it:

computer accessories,travelling case,exhibition materials,notebook,desktop,LCD Monitor,LED TV,projector and etc.

The origin of the computer keyhole:

The notebook keyhole is a device that is set on a notebook computer or other equipment and cooperates with the notebook lock to fix the equipment.


Now ordinary laptops are equipped with anti-theft lock slots. Users can purchase a wire anti-theft lock to lock, that is, one end is inserted into the lock slot and the other end is wrapped around an object that is difficult to move, so that the most basic anti-theft requirements can be achieved .

That is to prevent theft or move, only allowed to use in a fixed position.

Note when using laptop anti-theft lock:

1. Press and hold the small button at the bottom to adjust the password you want. Just release the small button after adjusting to the password you want first, don't release the small button, release it after adjustment. Otherwise it is easy to mess up the password.

2. When using the laptop anti-theft lock hole to open the notebook, the laptop anti-theft lock hole must be aligned with the computer interface, and then turn it slowly to open it. Don't use too much force to avoid cracking the lock hole.

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