Laptop Cable Lock with PVC Coated Rope

Plastic coated Stainless Steel Spring Digital Code Lock for Laptop Computer. This high-quality cable lock is mainly used for business people to go out and prevent the loss of computer and expensive precision instruments.
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Product Details

Laptop Cable Lock with PVC Coated Rope


Laptops can come in handy if you need to work while on the move, but their size puts them at risk for theft. Security cable locks, which secure a computer to a stationary fixture, such as a table leg, were designed to combat that threat. Investing a little money in such a lock can help keep your laptop from wandering away permanently.


Ease of Use

The Kensington Combination Ultra Cable Lock has a loop on one end, and a lock on the other. To get it up and running, all you have to do us pull the cable around some sturdy object such as a table leg, loop the lock head through the loop, and insert it into the Kensington slot on your laptop. This lock is closed by pushing the button on the side of it, which is much simpler than the traditional Kensington lock.

One feature we grew to appreciate was the rotating lock head. Laptops often have different orientations for the lock slot. Depending on how you attach the cable, it could be coming from any direction. The lock mechanism is attached to the cable through a rotatable ring. This makes it easy to move and adjust as necessary, so the lock will never impede functionality.


Features & Options

There are two different versions of this cable, the Ultra and the Standard. The only difference between them is that the Ultra’s cable is 60% thicker. We’d always recommend getting the Ultra. It doesn’t cost very much more, and it is significantly more durable than other options.

Regardless which option you choose, there is one bonus feature that many users will appreciate. Kensington gives you the ability to access their “register and retrieve” online code program. You can submit your code, and choose a username and password. If you ever forget it, you can always log in and give yourself a reminder.



Kensington uses a cable made from carbon steel. This type of steel is the hardest on the market, and its unique woven pattern increases tensile strength beyond your typical cable. Carbon is better than stainless in almost every way, with the exception of one thing – shearing. Bolt cutters are a real threat where cable locks are concerned, so Kensington used an anti-shear sleeve. This sleeve prevents these cutters from effectively grabbing into the cable.

This particular lock uses a combination to gain access. This is helpful in an environment where you might be sharing the lock with others, or where you’re concerned about losing the key. With four separate digits, there are over 10,000 codes to choose from. You can rest assured that nobody is going to be able to guess your code without a lot of effort.

Product Introduction 


Material of cable:Steel wire

Length of cable:2m or as required

Diameter:5mm~10mm or as required

Model number:computer lock

Color:Black,rose red.

Production details

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Guofeng

Material of cable: Steel material

Product Name: cable lock

logo: Available

Application: For business laptop safety

Color:Silver or othrt

Certification: ISO9001

MOQ: 500pcs 


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cable lock

code lock

password lock

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