Black Code Lock Box For keys

This lock is used to store the key to prevent the key from being lost, and can be used in situations such as the door and the safe where the key needs to be stored. Nice looking with good quality construction:1*7,7*7,7*19,etc steel rope material:Galvanized or stainless steel
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Black Code Lock Box For keys


Whether you hide your key at home or store it in multiple real estate listings, our key combination lock box is your security solution. No one wants a key storage box that can stand out in their possessions, right? Therefore, our company combines practical functions and modern style. Don't let the stylish appearance deceive you, the storage capacity of this key safe is larger than a typical password box. This lock box can even hold traditional non-smart car keys. Perfect for joggers, surfers and swimmers! This lock box adopts an all-metal structure with weatherproof fortifications around the shackle, which can adapt to various conditions.

A simple solution:

The padlock of our key combination lock box has a single combination, so you can place it anywhere. You can also reset the frequency as needed. "One-click security" ensures that you will never be locked out again. With 10,000 possible combinations, no one can guess your code. Unlike other lock box models, the side opening door means you will not lose the door when opening the key safe.


Say Goodbye to the Competition!

Competitors usually hold 1-5 keys in their key safe's storage compartments, but that’s nothing! The Guard-a-Key holds up to 10 keys with the capacity for a conventional, non-smart car key, something not characteristically found. The black lock box body ensures the key box will blend in, camouflaged from potential thieves.

lock box

lock box

key lock box


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