3 Code Cable Helmet Lock

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3 Code Cable Helmet Lock

In meeting the requirements of motorcycle riders for small, portable and convenient helmets, jackets and luggage locks!! Now you can use this lock to safely put the helmet on the bike. Small and compact, it fits in your pocket, jacket or belt loop. It is designed to use the handlebar or frame to secure the helmet to any bicycle. The hook is with an inward opening mechanism, which can easily install the thickest frame or rod. It is equipped with a combination lock that allows you to change your personal security code regularly for added protection. The unique zinc alloy composition provides a durable, strong, rust and scratch resistant surface. This helmet lock is tried and tested by motorcyclists all over the world. It is a simple way to keep the equipment safe, without any trouble! The rubber prevents scratches. Helmetlok extended version is suitable for helmets with "quick release" buckles. The extender slides into the "quick release" belt buckle, this helmet lock can pass through holes and bikes!


The helmet lock is a safety device that provides you with an excellent protection against theft of your helmet-it can be used as a visual deterrent and a physical barrier against theft! A really well-prepared thief can steal anything and give the right opportunity! So, Be careful and common sense when exercising-stop and use your lock in a busy and visible place-not in a part of the city that is hit by the desert.


What about the helmet when you park and go for a walk in town? It is a big hassle to carry, and it is not practical or safe to hang it on the handlebar! Fixing the bike cover to a motorcycle or scooter is your best choice-and It's so much easier...

The solution-our proven helmet lock. Composed of mini zinc alloy hooks and 1.8M self-coiled steel cable (3mm thick). You install one or two helmets. You can use the sissy bar on the shredder. All equipment parts are protected, so the chrome plating of the bicycle or helmet will not be damaged.

Use helmet lock-2 main lock methods

i. Use the cable to fix the helmet on the motorcycle and lock the carabiner. very safe. fast.
ii. Use D-lock only-Pass the opened D-lock through the helmet buckle and attach it to the motorcycle’s T-bar or mirror. Safety. Very fast.




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