Black Digital Helmet Lock With Tether

Black Digital Helmet Lock With Tether

Guofeng Black plastic-coated wire spring-stretchable digital coded lock for safety 1.5mm galvanized steel wire rope coated transparent black PVC to 4mm,1800mm length,360°swivel head,Zinc Alloy lock head,one side loop
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Black Digital Helmet Lock With Tether


So far, motorcycle helmets are the most important equipment when riding a motorcycle. In case of an accident, you can protect your head safety. However, we all know the issue of ensuring the safety of helmets when parking motorcycles in public places. This is the location of the motorcycle helmet lock to protect your equipment from any criminal activities. There are several locks on the outside to protect your helmet when you go out. However, choosing the best motorcycle helmet lock is not easy because there are many options on the market. Our company's helmet lock will be a good choice for you.


This is a lightweight and highly portable pin lock cable to secure your helmet. It is pretty strong and versatile. Apart from securing your helmet, this cable can also secure your jacket. It immobilizes the brake disks on the bike and also locks the bike’s saddle. It is a quality lock made of 100 percent stainless steel for guaranteed security. The lock is also waterproof and will not be affected by water. It is quite easy to operate with the 3-digit combination easy to use.


  • Weatherproof and anti-cut resistance

  • Easy to use with a three pin digit combination locking mechanism

  • 100 percent stainless steel

  • Versatile and can secure your jacket, saddle, suitcases, bags and ladders

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