What Are The Methods Needed To Lose Weight On Bungee Cord?

- Nov 05, 2018-

Outdoor bungee cord exercise weight loss method

The bungee cord can be said to be a movement at a point. Aside from the usual running, jumping, and walking modes of exercise, fixed-point training corrects various parts of your body. The specific practices are as follows:

Generally speaking, when performing outdoor exercise on the bungee cord, it is necessary to use the trunk, the bench, etc., and the bungee cord can be wound on it. Of course, you can use the various parts of the body to exercise the bungee cord, as long as you feel the body. Each part has been expanded and stretched.

Start with walking, 25 minutes a day, 4 days a week. Gradually reached 6 days. Your steps should be easy and comfortable, not too fast 5 minutes after the start and 5 minutes before the end. To warm up, you should turn your shoulders and wave your arms; when you calm down, pat the calf and thighs. After walking, you can use the park as your gym to exercise for a particular fat area. Generally, each group of actions is done in 2 groups, and the group 1 is about 8 to 12 times. It starts twice a week and gradually reaches 3 times a week.

The thickness and length of the bungee cord determine the weight when used. It can be selected according to individual needs, or two bungee cords can be used to increase the strength. When performing bungee cord exercise, you should pay attention to keep your body stable and hold the bungee cord. The intensity of exercise depends on your individual ability, and it is gradual.

Of course, you can exercise according to the more popular bungee cord weight training exercises, which can achieve better results.

Gym bungee cord exercise weight loss method

Many weight-loss training camps, fitness centers and gymnasiums have also specially designed bungee cord exercise exercises. As long as you are doing a "pull" and "lift" on a rope, you can easily accept the fat in the laughter. Various sports exercises can play a professional weight loss effect. Take the now popular “plastic rope yoga” as an example. “plastic rope yoga” uses a bungee cord for fitness. Different from traditional yoga, “plastic rope yoga” uses a bungee cord to hang its body in the air to do various yoga exercises. Because this yoga has the unique tool of bungee cord as an aid, it is suitable for any age, especially Some people with poor physical fitness come to participate. In general, “plastic rope yoga” makes exercisers stronger, open, balanced, energetic and clear-headed. It can also develop endurance and endurance, strengthen the flexibility of the body, relax the spirit, strengthen the muscles of the feet, improve the circulatory system and enhance vitality.