The Statement Of Steel Wire Rope

- Nov 27, 2018-

The steel wire is made of high-quality carbon steel, which can reach high strength after repeated cold drawing and heat treatment. Workplaces such as wet or open air can be galvanized steel wire ropes to enhance rust resistance. Wire ropes are standard products in various industrial countries. The diameter, the number of strands, the number of strands per strand, the tensile strength and the sufficient safety factor can be selected according to the application. Its specifications can be found in the relevant manual. In addition to the wear of the steel wire except the steel wire, the metal fatigue is mainly broken due to the repeated bending of the pulley and the reel, so the ratio of the diameter of the pulley or the reel to the wire rope is an important factor determining the life of the wire rope. The ratio is large, the bending stress of the steel wire is small, and the life is long, but the mechanism is large. The appropriate ratio must be determined according to the application. The wear and corrosion degree of the surface layer of the wire rope or the number of broken wires within each twisting distance shall be scrapped when the specified value is exceeded. Wire ropes are mainly used in the transportation of high-strength ropes, such as lifting and pulling.