The Precautions Of Steel Wire Rope

- Nov 26, 2018-


(1) Inspection should be carried out before use


Inspection scope: to check the degree of wear, rust, tensile, bending, deformation, fatigue, broken wire, and exposed core of the wire rope, to determine its safe lifting

Quantity (including scrap).


(2) Maintenance precautions


(1) The term of the wire rope for the wire rope has a great relationship with the method of use. Therefore, it should be used according to the regulations, and it is forbidden to drag,


Throwing, no overload in use, no bending of the wire rope is allowed, and it is not allowed to change the lifting speed sharply to avoid impact.


(2) When the wire rope has rust and ash, use a wire brush to brush and oil


(3) The steel wire rope is applied once every 4 months. When oiling, it is best to soak the rope core with hot oil (about 50 °C) and wipe it off.

Excess grease


(4) After the wire rope is well placed, it should be placed in a clean and dry place, and should not be stacked and stacked to prevent sprains.


(5) The end of the wire rope is fastened with steel wire or welded with an alloy with low melting point. It can also be tightened with iron hoop to avoid loose rope.


(6) In use, if the surface of the wire rope is extruded, it means that the wire rope has been subjected to considerable force, and should stop at this time.


Increase the load and check it, replacing the new wire rope if necessary.


(7) The carrying capacity of the traction wire rope shall be 5-8 times of the total traction force.