How To Use The Notebook Wire Lock?

- Nov 05, 2018-

Many people know the keyboard lock of the laptop, but I don't know that the notebook still has a password lock. This is a very practical product, especially for college students, it is necessary to buy a laptop anti-theft lock. . Because there are many people gathered in the university dormitory, there are many people who don't know each other. I don't know if he will be greedy for a while, so we have to think about the safety of our property! As the saying goes, the anti-gentleman is not against the villain! This lock is perfect!

In the protection of the whole machine, the most commonly used ones are some password locks. Nowadays, the general notebooks are equipped with anti-theft lock slots. Users can purchase the anti-theft locks of the steel wires to lock them, that is, one end is inserted into the lock slot and the other end is wound on an object that is difficult to move, so that the most basic anti-theft requirements can be achieved. . Some of these anti-theft locks can be opened with a key, and some must be entered with a password to take it off. These anti-theft locks are seen in general notebook stores. For the safety of notebooks, merchants usually use anti-theft locks when they are displayed. In general household users or in the office, they are also used to lock the notebook when going out on.

How to use the notebook password lock:

1 The first is to adjust the password. The general password of the computer lock is 0000 (four zeros). The default initial password. If you think the password is 0000, you don't need to see the introduction of the third, fourth, and fifth steps below. You can see the second directly. 5 steps. If you think this password is too simple and you need to adjust the password, please read it.

2 Tie the other end except the lock on a solid, adjust the password on the other end, how to adjust the password? First, the initial password of (0000) has been adjusted. Then press and hold the small button at the bottom to adjust the password you want.

3 After adjusting the password to your first priority, release the small button. Do not release the small button. After the adjustment, release it. Otherwise it is easy to password confusion.

4 After you have messed up your password, you're done.

5 The other end is bolted to the solid and the end with the lock can be inserted directly into the lock hole of the computer.