Wire rope guide

- Nov 05, 2018-

1. Wire rope slings should be inspected regularly during the period of use. If conditions permit, the slings and end fittings of large tonnage and important products should be inspected.

2. The spreader and accessories shall not exceed their rated lifting capacity, and the sling shall not exceed the maximum working load in the corresponding hanging state.

3. The user should be familiar with the performance, precautions and scrapping standards of all kinds of steel wire ropes and their end parts.

4. Before the operation, the steel wire ropes and their accessories should be inspected and confirmed to be in good condition.

5. Damage to the steel wire ropes and fittings should be prevented during the operation. If necessary, corner protection should be added at the corners.

6. Before hanging, the cable point should be selected correctly; before lifting, it should be confirmed whether the binding is firm.