What's The TSA Padlock

- Mar 02, 2019-

1. TSA is the abbreviation of U.S. Transportation Security Administration, which means the US Transportation Security Administration.

2. Explanation of TSA certification

(1) Beginning in January 2003, the TSA requires all baggage entering the US airport to be opened for inspection, and the TSA issues a warning: unless the TSA-certified lock is used, the checked baggage should not be locked, or the customs have the right to 撬 Open the baggage lock that was inspected.

(2) There are two ways to open the TSA lock: one is the key that the lock itself has or the password set by the consumer, and the other is the key for the customs. The customs officer has a TSA unlocking key.

(3) There must be a red diamond logo on both sides of the lock. As soon as the customs sees the sign, it knows that it needs to unlock the key (the corresponding key number is indicated on the bottom of the lock), and will not break the damage.

(4) The TSA strictly trains the customs inspectors. When checking the baggage, it is very careful to ensure safety. After the inspection, the baggage should be re-locked.

(5) TSA locks can also be used outside the United States.