TSA Lock

- Mar 23, 2019-

Customs locks, also known as locks, are also known as TSA certification locks. They refer to the customs inspection of customs clearance of goods that are transported and transported by customs. They must ensure the safety of the goods during transportation and use the universal TSA of the international customs. Special key. It should be noted that China Customs does not have a special key, that is, China Customs will not open the suitcase without the permission of the parties.

TSA customs locks are generally required for customs clearance. The customs will open your suitcase and check if there is no TSA customs lock. If the customs cannot use the customs-specific universal TSA customs lock to open the trunk, the suitcase will be inspected by the customs. The officer forced to knock on the lock on your box. Therefore, either the customs lock is used or the customs inspector is opened to destroy the checked baggage lock.