The Theory of Dialing Password Lock

- Dec 29, 2018-

This is an electronic device without a large number of keys and high reliability of the full mechanical code lock.It operates in a unique way, similar to dialing in an old telephone -- starting from the dial, rotating the dial clockwise to a certain digit, then returning to the dial and entering a password.Repeat until the last password is entered, then turn the dial counterclockwise from the start to unlock.At the same time, the internal reset, so dial back to the starting point after the lock, you have to re-enter the password to unlock, do not need to consider the internal reset problem.If you type the wrong password, turn the dial counterclockwise (virtual unlock) to reset it internally and then re-enter the password.

In this kind of cipher lock, of 6 password can have 2.98 million many groups of password to be changed at will for host, confidentiality is extremely tall.Optional password groups are arranged consecutively, making it easy to select passwords that are easy to remember.Developed basic products, password number and password amount can also be redesigned according to the needs of users.You can also add an alarm interface for users.

Advantages of this password lock:

1. No keys, no power, no batteries, no waste pollutants.

2, full mechanical structure, able to withstand quite harsh external environment, a wide range of use.

3. Simple operation, relatively short unlock time, the average unlock time is about 15 seconds.

4. The actual password amount is large and the security performance is high, and the probability of trial unlock is almost zero.

5, simple structure, solid and reliable.

According to the law of technological development in history, under the condition of similar functions, the simple and reliable things always replace the complicated things, and it is the simple things that replace the complicated things.Therefore, it is a popular practical new product, replacing the traditional disk type mechanical password lock and some electronic password lock should be.Dialing plate type full mechanical password lock is suitable for use in safe, safe, file cabinet, anti-magnetic fire cabinet, anti-theft door, silver warehouse door, warehouse door, door, civil doors and mechanical card resistance mechanism.It can replace the existing traditional disk mechanical lock and some electronic lock.It provides an opportunity for some product updates.

Due to the popularity of electronic technology, many products take pride in adopting electronic structures.But in some places, electronic products do not have absolute advantages, but mechanical products or electromechanical hybrid products are more practical.To give two examples: one is the ignition device of the gas stove. In the early days, transistor igniters were all the rage, but they were not resistant to moisture, easily damaged, and could not live without batteries.For a long time, instead, it is the mechanical (piezoelectric) ignition device that relies on the hand to twist the knob to store energy, which shows its superiority -- simple and practical, and becomes the mainstream of gas stove igniter.2 it is the rearview mirror of the car and bus (single car) the back door peep implement, ever had the danger that is replaced by electronic monitor, but people discovers: traditional rearview mirror and the common rearview mirror above bus driver, observation effect is not inferior than electronic monitor, more simple and practical.

In fact, traditional industries can also be found to be more secure than the so-called "new economy" but not less profitable investment direction.Password lock is not a frequent use of the product, can be said to be a semi-static product, the use of mechanical mode is more practical.But the amount of electronic password, people subjective feeling will be safer.This patent product password quantity is close to the electronic password lock, the operation is much faster than the traditional mechanical password lock, simple and practical, can be like the above two cases, is expected to become the high-end password lock mainstream.