The Advantage Of Dial Type Code Lock

- Feb 28, 2019-

The dial-type full mechanical code lock is widely used in safes, safes, filing cabinets, anti-magnetic fireproof cabinets, security doors, silver door doors, warehouse doors, door doors, civil doors and mechanical jamming mechanisms. It can replace the existing traditional disc type mechanical code lock and some electronic code locks. Provide an opportunity for the update of certain products.

Due to the popularity of electronic technology, many products are proud of adopting electronic structures. However, in some places, electronic products do not have an absolute advantage, but mechanical products or electromechanical hybrid products are more practical. To give two examples: First, the ignition device of the gas stove. In the early days, the igniter of the transistor was popular, but it was not resistant to moisture, easily damaged, and could not be separated from the battery. For a long time, the mechanical (piezoelectric) fire-fighting device that relies on the hand to twist the energy storage of the knob reveals its superiority - simple and practical, and becomes the mainstream of the gas stove igniter. Second, the rearview mirror of the car and the rear door peeper of the bus (single car) have all been replaced by electronic monitors, but people find that the traditional rearview mirror and the ordinary rearview mirror above the bus driver The observation effect is not worse than the electronic monitor, which is simpler and more practical.

In fact, in the traditional industry, it is also possible to find a more insured investment than the so-called "new economy" but with no profit. Password lock is not a product that is used frequently. It can be said to be a semi-static product, which is more practical in mechanical way. However, the amount of passwords in electronic mode is large, and people feel that they are safer. The password of this patented product is close to the electronic code lock, and the operation is much faster than the traditional mechanical code lock. It is simple and practical. It can be the mainstream of high-grade password locks like the previous two cases.