Don't ignore the fitness equipment is also a shelf life

- Nov 05, 2018-

Nowadays, universal fitness equipment appears on the market. You can't think of such a large item and it will have a shelf life. Not to mention, this is really true.

Speaking of the life of this fitness equipment, there is no accurate time. Look at the outdoor fitness equipment, knowing that it is "expired" is the rust on the equipment. After all, outdoors, wind and rain, it is inevitable that there will be rust spots. Is it the replacement of rust spots? In fact, it is not because the cause of rust spots is uncertain. The general shelf life of fitness equipment is only 2 years, and the longest is only 6 years. However, there are still a lot of equipment that will not be replaced for a long time after installation, which has led to a gradual increase in the number of injuries caused by fitness equipment in recent years.

Don't just take into account the short-term benefits, the safety of people's lives is the most important.

Outdoor fitness equipment because of the impact of the environment, life is not so long, then indoor fitness equipment?

Generally speaking, the life expectancy of indoor fitness equipment is also 2 years, but it is not that after 2 years, it will be scrapped, but it will be started after 2 years. If the maintenance is good, then this machine can be used for a long time. That is to say, the average 2 years will require a repair and inspection of the fitness equipment, no need to change it, it is still very economical.

So don't ignore the shelf life of fitness equipment, don't think that fitness equipment can be used forever, telling you that nothing in the world is permanent and not bad, even if the human heart can not guarantee that it will be good forever.

So how do you maintain your fitness equipment?

The first is to use the equipment in accordance with the regulations. Do not place food on the equipment, and do not place the open beverage on the equipment. If you accidentally, the equipment will be soiled.

The second is to let the equipment run, don't let it be used as a display. Some home fitness equipment that people buy back is just at home, it won't work for a long time, then your machine will be destroyed. It is the best protection for the fitness equipment in a good working condition.

Regular motor, electric control, and mechanical maintenance can prevent accidents and reduce personal injury caused by electrical and mechanical failures (circuit short circuit, electric leakage, mechanical drop).

Doing a good job of equipment can improve the service life of fitness equipment, and ensure that the fitness equipment is operating normally and reduce the failure rate. It is the smooth running of your machine, and maybe there will be a new look.

Therefore, if you have time, pay more attention to the fitness equipment around you, so that its shelf life can be extended. Of course, it is necessary to have professional personnel to carry out maintenance. People are very professional.