Combination Padlock

- Feb 26, 2019-

A combination lock used on a padlock or case can be a turntable only.The turntable pushes on the back of several balancing discs or cams.Traditionally, this lock is opened by turning the dial clockwise to the first number, then counterclockwise to the second number, and so on until the last number.Usually there is a concave CAM, when the correct password into a line, you can open the lock.

This kind of password lock is more secure, but it is not perfect.For example, a partial password padlock can find the password by pulling on the lock head and turning the turntable until it can no longer be moved.Some turntables also have a specific relationship between the number of the lock, so that the combination of the password is greatly reduced.Cheap password padlocks can be opened with a special liner without the need for a password.

The structure of the cipher lock used on the box is relatively strict.Experienced locksmiths can rotate the turntable at the same time and use the handset to carefully listen to the sound of the CAM inside the lock to determine the possible password.