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Bold predictions about bicycles a hundred years ago:

The rise of bicycles in Shanghai and other cities at the end of the 19th century was not only due to the improvement of vehicles and the improvement of urban roads, but also because of three British people cycling around the earth and passing through the metropolis of the Yangtze River in China. , Aroused the great interest of the Chinese to try bicycles. According to successive reports from Shanghai Times and Shenbao, this feat of traveling around the earth started on July 20, 1896, starting from London, from India to China, passing through cities such as Hankou, Wuhu, Suzhou, etc., in 1897. Arrived in Shanghai on December 22, 2010, which lasted more than 520 days and traveled 14332 kilometers. The cyclists have meals and nights all the way, record what they have seen and heard along the way at any time, and submit them to major newspapers to pay for their travel needs with the help of manuscript fees. In China, every time they go to a city, a large number of Chinese people go to see it. When they arrived in Shanghai, hundreds of foreigners living in Shanghai flocked out of the city to greet them by bicycle. It was spectacular for a while, and there were a lot of Chinese visitors. All this objectively makes the best publicity for bicycles. People admire these foreigners who ride bicycles around the world, and their interest in bicycles is also stimulated. A few months later, on April 1, 1898, in view of the rapid increase in cycling in Shanghai, China's most influential newspaper "Shen Pao" published an editorial and made a bold prediction: bicycles will be booming in China. 

With the popularity of bicycles, at the end of the 19th century, the bicycle repair business has developed into a specialized business.   The earliest bicycle repair business started in some related industries. For example, in April 1898, the Shanghai Shiweiji Watch Shop published an advertisement in the "Shen Pao", saying: "The shop opened on the opposite door of Xingshen Lane on Yanghou Road, repairing clocks and watches, robotic bicycles, and all Thai and Western toys. It has been several years since then." This advertisement also has a bicycle picture attached to it. This picture shows that the bicycle at that time is no different from today. In June of the same year, the shop advertised again, stating that in addition to repairing bicycles, it started selling bicycles on a commission basis, which shows that bicycles have begun to market in Shanghai. The advertisement said: "This number specializes in clocks and watches, robotic bicycles, Western toys, etc. It is made with exquisite craftsmanship and is well-known from all over the world. Today, it is the most dexterous and first new bicycle, cheap and good." The so-called "first", Obviously this shop is selling bicycles on a commission basis for the first time. The advertisement is also accompanied by a bicycle picture, and the bicycle picture in its April advertisement is an earlier bicycle picture in Chinese newspapers.   At the end of the 19th century, the sale of bicycles has become an important business for some foreign companies and Chinese stores. In the early 20th century, bicycle stores appeared in many big cities.   On December 13, 1899, a report in Shanghai’s "China Foreign Daily News" mentioned that someone’s chartered car had "collapsed with a bicycle on foot". In 1901, the newspaper published an advertisement with pictures of new bicycles from Ta Fei Foreign Company. The advertisement read: "Our bank specializes in all kinds of bicycles and sells a kind of flywheel bicycles made by foreign first-class machine factories. The speed is faster. Xing did not hesitate to spend a lot of money, came from a long distance, and the moment has arrived, and it is fortunate that the value is low. Those who want the joy of gentry and businessmen should be happy to hear it, and it is for Tebuqi." Obviously, Ta Fei has existed at least in 1899. It is a store opened by a foreign businessman who mainly sells bicycles. By 1901, it had been specialized in bicycle business. At the beginning of the 20th century, bicycle stores were not difficult to find in some important trade port cities. In 1902, Tianjin Hongshun Foreign Company announced: "It exclusively sells bicycles for men and women in the United Kingdom and the United States, all kinds of speed bikes, no training [chain] express, lights, bells, and on-board applications." The attached picture of the advertisement is A female car. The attached picture shows that this female car has a bell, brakes, and lights that are hard to see today, and the chain has been fully packaged. In 1903, a batch of French-made women's bicycles appeared in Tianjin. The relevant advertisement stated: "The American Basik Company has newly arrived at a famous German factory to manufacture ten first-class female bicycles at a price of sixty taels of silver." According to the ratio of silver to silver dollars at the time of 1:1.4, 60 taels of silver was about 84. Yuan silver dollar.

The price of the car is expensive, and the price of the bicycle is expensive in the late Qing Dynasty. Whether in Shanghai in the south or Tianjin in the north, the price of a car has always fluctuated around 80 yuan, which is equivalent to the price of a mid-range car today. A sales advertisement in Shanghai at the beginning of 1900 said: "Today, a foreign precision bicycle company specializes in this company and sells widely in China. The factory wants to make its name in the world, so the value is cheap. All the big and small objects on the car, It is also available for retail sale. Now that there are not many goods available, anyone who has the advantage of chasing the wind and chasing electricity, come and try it. The prices are listed below: first-class, priced at 85 yuan; second-class, priced at 78 yuan. Lamps , Bells are all available.” It can be seen that the price of bicycles was 85 yuan and 78 yuan.   In the next few years, car prices fell slightly, but the price reduction was very limited. An advertisement published in the Shanghai Times in 1906 stated: “The bank transports its own British first-class bicycles, which are cheap and solid. Each vehicle costs 75 yuan and can be guaranteed for two to three years.” 1907 In 2009, Tianjin Nissho’s newly opened Katoyo sold bicycles, using installment payments at a price of 80 yuan per bicycle, and a one-time payment method at 75 yuan. The advertisement stated: "Our Chamber of Commerce now has a branch office in Tianjin to sell all kinds of new Baoxing brand bicycles manufactured by Shenghuo Noji Club in Capitoli, England. It is unique. This car is really cheap and distinctive. Very gorgeous, and very sturdy, it is possible that it will last for a long time. A total of 50 vehicles have been shipped. The sale is sold in installments, and the limit is three months. The first month is 30 yuan, the second month is third. Ten yuan, twenty yuan in the third month. If you pay the foreigner, seventy-five yuan per car.” This advertisement can explain three problems: 1. The bicycle is a valuable item and has been sold by installments. The price of a one-time payment is 75 yuan per vehicle, and the term of installment payment is 3 months, 80 yuan per vehicle, which is 5 yuan more expensive than a one-time payment. 2. A foreign company has delivered 50 vehicles at a time, indicating that the bicycle market in Tianjin is not small. 3. Some famous brand bicycles

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