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In recent years, with the rise of environmental awareness, the establishment of cycling events and cycling activities, and the central government’s promotion of low-carbon and energy-saving activities, the atmosphere of cycling and leisure has been greatly enhanced, and bicycles have gradually got rid of the traditional image of misery. Coupled with the rapid changes in materials, technology, and functionality, bicycles have become a popular, prosperous, environmentally friendly and fitness competition. Sports and leisure are a good companion, showing a completely different style from the past. If you want to buy a car, just listen to others' opinions. First find out what you use for riding a bike, and you have to test and ride it yourself before you can buy it accurately. We specially propose five rules for buying a car for those who want to buy a car. If you really master the five principles, you can buy it. The bike that suits you best.

By purpose

1. Commuting

If it is designed for commuting to get off work or short-distance travel, you must first consider the commuting distance. If the distance is not far, such as within 5 kilometers, then it doesn’t make much difference to ride any bike. Just buy a cheap commuter bike. If the distance is 5 kilometers More than kilometers, you must consider a better car, commuting will be easier. The second is the problem of parking. If you have to lock it outdoors, it is also recommended to buy a low-priced commuter car. If you park indoors, you can choose a higher-priced car. In addition to commuting on weekdays, you can also go out on holidays. If you choose a folding bike, you can save more storage space or make it easier to take the bike to other vehicles.

2. Leisure sports

If the purpose of buying a bicycle is to exercise, then the prerequisite for purchasing is that the bicycle must be able to constitute sports conditions, whether it is riding speed or distance, and allow users to ride comfortably and happily. , Enough to make people interested in cycling, so a bicycle used for sports should be a fast-riding bicycle. To ride fast, the body should not be too heavy, and the transmission system of the entire vehicle and the frame The rigidity and smoothness of rotation of the parts must also reach a certain level. With a bicycle that is labor-saving, comfortable and fast, of course, people will ride far and have fun. Mountain bikes, road bikes, and station wagons are all good choices.

Workshop for producing bicycle control lines:

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