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Development of motorcycle

German motorcycles contrast with American motorcycles, among them the Harley Davidson company is famous all over the world. In 1903, the first market-selling model produced by the American Harry Company (the earliest commercial motorcycle in the United States), the car has an engine cylinder with a working volume of 409mL, a power of 2.94kW, and a bicycle frame. Motorcycles are a product of the times and a model that reflects the level of science and technology at that time, that is, motorcycles at different stages are a collection of the imprints of technological development in different times. The original motorcycle could not be used because the science and technology at that time could not satisfy the most basic parts and components needed for normal driving, so it could only be placed in the laboratory. From the 1890s to the beginning of the 20th century, the early motorcycles adopted the new inventions and technologies of the time, such as pneumatic rubber tires, ball bearings, clutches and transmissions, front suspension shock absorbers, spring car seats, etc. Cars began to gain practical value and were mass-produced in factories to become commodities. This is the second-generation motorcycle, which is called the commodity-generation motorcycle. For example, in 1912, the X-8A single-cylinder motorcycle produced by the American Harley Company. At that time, the transmission and transmission system had not been solved, but the large pulley attached to the rear wheel was driven by a belt. The brake was braked by pulling the rear brake shoe by the handle. At that time, the rear shock problem was not solved, and the front shock had a simple ring-type shock absorber attached to the front fork.

Military motorcycle

After the 1930s, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, the production of motorcycles adopted rear suspension shock absorbers, mechanical ignition systems, drum-type mechanical brakes, chain transmissions, etc., making motorcycles a new level As the motorcycle gradually matures, it is widely used in transportation, competition and military. This is the third stage of motorcycles-the mature stage. In 1936, the American Harry Company was able to manufacture high-level motorcycles. The car uses a 1000mL, OHV, 27.93kW V-type twin-cylinder engine with a top speed of 150km/h.

The development of motorcycles is like step by step, the higher the development, the higher the level. The original motorcycle of 1885 was placed on the ground on the first floor. The second floor was the first motorcycle produced in the world. This was a motorcycle with a two-cylinder four-stroke engine in Germany in 1894. A total of 1,000 were produced. The third layer is the popular racing motorcycle in the 1930s, when the motorcycle already has practical functions. The fourth floor is modern luxury motorcycles after the 1970s. This figure not only shows the four stages of motorcycle development, but also configures the four stages of vehicle drivers with different outfits.

After the 1970s, motorcycle production adopted electronic ignition technology, electric starting, disc brakes, streamlined body guards, etc., as well as exhaust gas purification technology in the 1990s, and ABS anti-lock braking devices. It has become an advanced motor vehicle with beautiful appearance, superior performance, convenient use, flexibility and speed, and has become one of the important symbols of contemporary earth civilization. In particular, large-displacement luxury motorcycles have transplanted the advanced technology of today's automobiles to motorcycles, making the motorcycles reach the realm of perfection. The development of motorcycles has entered the fourth stage-the heyday.

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