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Folding ordinary bicycle

Generally refers to the Kun bike, the riding posture is standing with bent legs, the advantage is higher comfort, long-term riding is not easy to get tired. The disadvantage is that the bending posture is not easy to accelerate, and the common bicycle parts are mostly very common parts, and it is difficult to achieve high speeds.

Folding road bike

Types of vehicles used on smooth roads. Due to the low resistance of smooth roads, road bikes are designed with greater consideration for high speeds. They often use down-bending handles that can reduce wind resistance, and narrow high-pressure and low-resistance tires with relatively high gears. High, and the wheel diameter is larger than that of ordinary mountain bikes. Because the frame and accessories do not need to be reinforced like mountain bikes, they are often lighter and more efficient when riding on the road. Because the frame does not need to be strengthened and often uses a simple and efficient diamond design, road bikes are the most beautiful bicycles.

Folding exercise bike

Health, fashion, new concept The most important feature of the fitness bike designed with a new concept is the dual power of hands and feet, and the speed can reach 40km/h; there are many ways of working and the effect of fitness is good. When riding the bicycle, the hands and feet can simultaneously drive the bicycle to do work, or they can drive the bicycle alone to do work. It adopts the straight-line style of pulling the foot and the swinging style of the hand-drawn swing rod to increase the speed of the bicycle and exercise the leg muscles and arm muscles. Obtained a number of national patents, suitable for middle-aged and old people as a means of transportation for fitness, and also suitable for young people for travel and entertainment.

Folding track bike

For bicycles used on extremely smooth elliptical tracks indoors, this bicycle has no brakes (for braking), no transmission, and no reversible flywheel.

Triathlon/Time Trial bicycle (Triathlon/Time Trial bicycle) is a road bicycle used in triathlon and time trial sports. The biggest feature of triathlon and time trial is that draft is not allowed, that is to say Riders must use their own strength to overcome air resistance and are not allowed to ride behind other players. Therefore, the triathlon/time trial bike is designed to keep the rider in a riding position that reduces air resistance and pay attention to the reduction. The air resistance of the small bicycle itself. Triathlon bikes also allow riders to use similar muscle groups when riding and running, which makes the transition from riding to running easier.

Folding mountain bike

Mountain biking originated in San Francisco, USA in 1977. Designed for riding in mountainous areas, usually with a transmission that can be changed to save effort or fast gears. Some have shock absorbers installed on the frame, and some of the tires are made of chocolate tread pattern to facilitate the use of bicycles on roads without paved surfaces. Ride. The dimensions of mountain bike parts are generally in imperial units. The rim is 24/26/29 inches, and the tire size is generally 1.0-2.5 inches. The size of the frame is also in English units, such as 14", 17", 19" to indicate the size of the frame. It is divided into many categories in detail, and the ones we commonly see are generally xc. Variable speed, rough tire grip is suitable Off-road, there is a shock absorption system to reduce bumps. The overall strength is greater and the impact resistance is strong. Compared with ordinary bicycles, it is less likely to be damaged when riding hard.

Folding downhill bike

Downhill bicycles are also called downhill bicycles. Abbreviated as DH in English. It is a very challenging activity. Riders use special DH bikes to glide on hillsides and even fall down to seek excitement. Activities are mostly carried out in ridges, mines, snowfields and other areas. The Austrians used DH to create a world record of 210.4KM/H. The frame angle of downhill bikes is different from that of mountain bikes, and the parts are in imperial units like mountain bikes. You must wear headgear, armor and other equipment for this job. The shock absorbing stroke of the front fork is longer than that of mountain bikes and XC bikes. The tire width generally exceeds 2 inches.

Folding children's bicycle

Children's bicycles are also called children's bicycles and children's bicycles. In Mainland China, Taiwan, and Singapore, they are usually called "children's bicycles" or "children's bicycles"; in Hong Kong and Macau, they are usually called "children's bicycles". Children's bicycles are one of the main categories of children's bicycles, including children's bicycles, strollers, baby walkers, children's tricycles, and many other categories.

Folding touring bike

Developed from road bikes, it is suitable for ultra-long-distance self-sufficient travel. It has a more comfortable and relaxed frame geometry design, can bear weight, has a very low minimum gear, uses a wider tire, and chooses accessories that are reliable and durable Too much emphasis is placed on reducing weight, and mountain bike pedals are often used. It evolved for the mountains. Most of them are the same as the mountain but the configuration is more flexible. For example, the handlebar can be replaced with a butterfly shape, and many postures can be used to reduce long-term fatigue. The front fork can also be equipped with or without shock absorption. The wheels can be 700c or 26 inches. But the brakes are generally V brakes. Shelves, tile covers and camel bags can be added easily. In short, all the changes are to increase durability and reduce fatigue during long distances.

Folding dead flying bike

The dead speed bike originated from track bicycles. The flywheel is fixed. If you step on the car forward, step backward, the car will move backward. Later, some alternative bicycle enthusiasts use the abandoned track bicycle as a work vehicle, which can be fast in the city. Traveling, and the price is low, at the same time requires a certain riding skills. These characteristics make it popular among bicycle enthusiasts in Britain and the United States and other countries, and become a street culture. Major bicycle brands are also following up, developing and promoting dead-speed bikes, making them popular among the general public and becoming the most popular bike style in the city. Pure dead-speed vehicles require certain technology and are dangerous. Therefore, the products developed by these manufacturers are dual-purpose dead-flying and live-flying, and are equipped with brakes to ensure safety.

Folding multi-person bicycle

Also known as a cooperative car, two or more people work together, and the first person controls the direction. It is mostly used in tourist attractions for couples, families and friends to play.

Folding folding bicycle

It is a type of vehicle designed to be easy to carry and fit into the car. In some places, public transportation such as railways and aviation allows passengers to carry bicycles that can be folded and packed.

Folding BMX

Also known as BMX, there are many types such as flat flower, street style, soil slope, etc. Each game method is different. In addition, this picture is not a conceptual climbing bicycle.

Folding technical car

Technical car A bicycle specially used for extreme sports. This type of car has made many modifications to be more suitable for stunt performances, such as a lighter but unusually strong body, no transmission, no rack, and even the brakes have been removed. mechanism.

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