1.Model Number: security steel wire cable lock
2.Material: Zinc Alloy
3.Application: bikes,bags,luggage sucase,etc.,
4.Diameter: 4.0mm,5.0mm
5.Certification: Reach,RoSH
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Product Details


Material of lock bodyZinc Alloy
color of lock bodyblack/silver/color is available
length of rope part1800mm
color of rope partblack/customized color is available
applicatiomversatile use for bikes, luggage, garden furniture, computer hardware, sport equipment like skis and snowboards, etc.

Multi functional lock Snap Lock

Cable lock with solid body and resettable combination lock
• resettable combination.
• versatile use for bikes, luggage, garden furniture, computer hardware, sport equipment like skis and snowboards, etc.
• the cable of 2 m length can be drawn through different objects and can be tightened individually. Thus, these objects are fast and practically secured against ´removal‘ and theft.
• cable end Ø 9 mm

  1. In a public place, choose a location that is busy and well-lit. Ideally covered by CCTV.

  2. Choose a sturdy immovable object to secure the bike to, ideally a fit-for-purpose cycle stand/rack parking.

  3. Lock the bike correctly to the solid immovable object.

  4. Use only ‘Sold Secure’ approved locks. Two high-quality locks in London, or any other medium-high risk area.

  5. Remove valuables from the bike such as pumps and lights. Consider security bolts instead of quick release on wheels and the seat post. These special security bolts can be used on other parts to help prevent bike stripping.

Finding somewhere to park your bike can be difficult at the best of times, but it’s vital to find the right location.

If a purpose built secure cycle parking facility is not an available option, then the second option is to look for a set of public bike stands in a busy, well-lit area. Ideally the location should be covered by CCTV and with no signs of bike theft, such as lonely half remains of locked wheels/bikes or cut locks on the floor. The stand should allow you to comfortably lock the bike with correct technique to the stand.

Avoid locking your bike to railings or any other objects. Not only could it be illegal and your bike might be removed by the facility or authority, but the object might have the ability to be broken, cut or unlocked by the thief. For example, you may have seen bikes locked to pavement sign poles, but these are known as ‘sucker poles’ for a reason – the sign can be easily removed and the bike lifted over the top of the pole.

The most common bike stand you will see is a ‘Sheffield Stand’, which is recognisable by its staple like design. This stand should allow you to lock the frame and both wheels correctly to it. Do check the integrity of it. It has been known for them to be cut or removed slightly from their concrete base to allow the thief to slide the lock out.

Avoid bike racks that only allow the tip of the front wheel to be secured to it, which are recognisable by their ‘toast holder’ design. Some of them do have a bar that stretches back to the frame to allow it to be locked, these are rare – other types should be avoided at all costs.

Be wary of locking your bike in the same location day after day, if it’s publically visible. Especially if it’s obvious to the bike thief that you will be away from the bike stands for a set amount of time. Whilst it’s said that the vast majority of thieves are opportunist, some watch areas and steal to order. If you notice someone has made an attempt on your lock, don’t let them try again the next day.

If your work or local facility does not have fit for purpose cycle storage, please share with them the cycle parking solutions listed here so the situation can be changed.

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