3-position Digital Spring Helmet Rope

High-quality 3-position digital code lock for color plastic-coated spring rope for safety protection of helmet Cable digital password combination lock
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Product Details

Product Introduction

3-position Digital Spring Helmet Rope



product feature:


On the basis of light weight, the product still has super anti-theft capability, because the product is made of high-quality alloy, while using elastic alloy rope, which greatly reduces the size. In addition, upgrading from a 3-digit combination lock to a 3-digit combination code greatly increases the safety factor, which is unmatched by other old products



Product Specifications:

Name: 3-digit helmet code lock

Material: zinc alloy

Rope length: 1.8 meters

Weight: 100g

Uses: helmet/bicycle lock/motorcycle lock

Package Included:

packing include:

1*helmet lock

Product Parameter (specification)

Item name: Cable digital password combination lock

Wire diameter : 0.8-2.0mm

Length of cable:2m or other as required

Material of cable:Galvanized or stainless steel

Color:Red,red or other


Production details

K528 (2)

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Guofeng

Model Number:Cable digital password combination lock

Color: Red or as required

Length: 2m or other

Accessories:Coil spring cable

Application: Locks your helmet to your bike using the Helmets Dring & the cable secures your jacket through the sleeve to your                motorycle. 

Port:Shenzhen Port




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