Universal Anti Theft Cable Tablet Lock

1.Universal Anti Theft Cable Tablet Lock,2 keys,1800mm length
2.Cable color can be customized
3.Sample is available
4.Lock head is in Zinc Alloy material
5.Lock head can be 360° rotated
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Product Details

Product Introduction:

Material of lock headZinc Alloy
Spec of cable ropesteel wire rope coated with black PVC
Length of Cable1800mm
ApplicationUniversal Tablet Lock - Coiled Cable Lock with Adhesive Security Plate - Fits all iPads, Galaxy, Surface and more! The Universal Tablet Lock includes an adhesive locking plate with a built in security slot and a coiled cable lock for anti-theft protection.
color of cable ropeblack/customized coated color

key cable lock

cable lock

laptop lock


Universal Tablet Lock Adhesive Security Plate is a simple iPad Lock, Galaxy Lock, Surface Lock, and tablet lock. This 2 piece best-seller includes an industrial strength adhesive plate with a built in standard security slot and our slim galvanized steel 6ft cable lock. Once the adhesive bond is formed (recommended 10 hours) the plate will essentially be a permanent solution. You can tether this lock to nearly any solid object via the loop end of the cable.

What can cable locks be used to secure?

A cable attached to the lock is then used to secure the equipment to something immovable such as a pipe or a piece of furniture. Kensington locks are not infallible. Depending on the thickness of the lock and cable, anyone with bolt cutters, heavy duty wire cutters or an axe could easily defeat them.

What is laptop cable lock?

To make sure your laptop stays where you put it, check out this special locking device that secures your laptop to the desk. ... The very thing that makes laptops so valuable to your organization—their mobility—is the same thing that makes them so easy to steal.

What is a security lock slot on laptops?

A Kensington lock is a security device that attaches a cable from a computer to a stationary object such as table. It is similar to a bicycle lock that attaches a bicycle securely to a railing. ... Most notebooks manufactured since 2000 have a Kensington slot, or K-slot, somewhere on the case.

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