3 password helmet password cable lock

An affordable yet high quality carabiner helmet lock with a long six-foot cable and a three-digit lock tumbler gives you peace of mind that your helmet will be there when you return.
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A cable attached to the lock is then used to secure the equipment to something immovable such as a pipe or a piece of furniture. Kensington locks are not infallible. Depending on the thickness of the lock and cable, anyone with bolt cutters, heavy duty wire cutters or an axe could easily defeat them.


  1. laptop cable lock---To make sure your laptop stays where you put it, check out this special locking device that secures your laptop to the desk. ... The very thing that makes laptops so valuable to your organization—their mobility—is the same thing that makes them so easy to steal.

    Security cable locks, which secure a computer to a stationary fixture, such as a table leg, were designed to combat that threat. Investing a little money in such a lock can help keep your laptop from wandering away permanently.

  2. Functional cable lock---

    Easy to use and carry on any bike

    Easy, effective, and convenient to use

    Multi-function, it can locks bicycles, motor bikes, baby carts, and other things

    It's password is fixed ,can not be changed

    The red metal card is write the original code, you can not change the code.

  3. Key storage lock box---Key lockboxes are a tool used by realtors, Airbnb hosts, and other business managers to store keys in a secure compartment to remotely provide access to properties.




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