Digital Cable Wire Lock For Laptop

1.Digit Security Theft Prevention Cable Wire Lock for Laptop.
2.This high-quality cable lock is mainly used for business people to go out and prevent the loss of computer and expensive precision instruments.
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Digit Security Theft Prevention Cable Wire Lock for Laptop


as requirement

Custom-made available


3. steel rope material

Galvanized or stainless steel

4.coating material




6.Lead time

Usually 20 days, 7days


Free sample available if all of dimensions same as our existing one ,if not ,contact me to get a cost efficient solution.


desktop/laptop computer,phone

CP1300 security lock for laptop (3)

laptop cable lock

CP1300 security lock for laptop (5)


Specific requirements for computer locks: key lock or password lock?
The advantages of the code lock: remove the trouble of carrying the key, don’t worry about the key damage or loss, free switching between multiple passwords and multiple password combinations (the calculation method of the character wheel password combination: 10 is calculated by the power of the number of characters Let's take CP001 as an example: the number of password combinations for a 4-digit password: 10 to the 4th power = 10,000 passwords).
Disadvantages of password locks: the design of password computer locks in the market will consider the problem of password cracking, so when consumers forget their own passwords when using them, the solution can only be to hire a professional unlocker or destroy them; or It is sent back to the manufacturer or distributor for professional decoding. Recommendation: Consumers should record the set password in writing after completing the password setting.

The benefits of key locks: The number of key changes can be customized according to the customer's use scenario (at least 100PCS is recommended for one change; the more the key changes, the more complex the production process, and the higher the assembly cost); the uniqueness of the key in the same region, the computer lock is accepted The probability of opening is small, and the anti-theft is improved. Each key has a unique number, if the key is lost accidentally; the manufacturer can reconfigure the correct key according to the key number provided, without causing damage to the computer);
The keys can have the same number (the same number for the same batch of computer lock keys, one key can be opened), which is convenient for the unified management and use of medical equipment in the team, government agencies, schools, and hospitals.
High-end keys can be used as lock kings (the same batch of computer lock keys have different numbers and multiple changes, which can be opened by a special lock king key; our product represents CP1200 computer locks), which is convenient for school or team units to control when they are used in a unified manner. Disadvantages of the lock king key: the lock cylinder is too large in size, the lock cylinder is assembled in three sections, the size is enlarged, and the assembly cost is high.

Basic customer customization issues: functional requirements data, material, surface treatment requirements, number of passwords, number of key changes, specific data requirements for size, wire rope length requirements, wire rope color requirements, whether to customize logos, logo printing methods (silk printing, There are three methods of pad printing and laser engraving. Our company has equipment. It is recommended that laser engraving is convenient for operation and low cost. It is not necessary to open the template), whether it can provide samples or graphics files, new design customization, target price, product order quantity (convenient Design the number of molds), other special requirements and other issues.

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