Customized Supply PVC Coated Combination For Motorcycle Cable Lock

Customized supply PVC coated combination for motorcycle cable lock
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  • TSA APPROVED: The luggage padlocks for travel are accepted and recognized by TSA, which allows the TSA agents to unlock for security inspection without damaging either the lock or your luggage. And with Zhege TSA approved luggage locks, they have to re-lock before removing their key, so your belongings will always be protected.

  • EASY & SECURE: The resettable  digit combination TSA approved locks allow you to set you own combination with 10,000 unique options which is 10 times hard to crack than a 3-digit. Simple 6 steps and instructions are included right at back of the package cardboard. Please note that NEVER forget your password or the luggage padlocks will be of no use.

  • SMALL AND SOLID: The small, lightweight TSA trave padlocks come with hardened steel shackle and solid zinc alloy body. It is tough enough to survive even the roughest baggage handling. The lock mechanism is weatherproof and won't rust or freeze up. The professional painting will not peel off. They are designed to be quality durable TSA locks for you.



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