Universal combination code cable laptop lock

1.Cable lock for laptop,notebook
2.Length of 1800mm
3.Diameter of cable is 4mm
4.Cable of color can be customizzed
5.The lock head is suitable for 3*7 slot,lock body can be 360° rorated
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Product Details

Product Introduction 


Universal combination code cable laptop lock


Production details


production nameUniversal combination code cable laptop lock
applicationlaptop,notebook,3*7 slot of laptop
spec1800mm length
colorblack/cable color can be customized
materialZinc Alloy

laptop lock

laptop cable lock

cable lock

manual of cable lock


1.What is the lock hole for on a laptop?
It is called a Kensington Lock, or Kensington Security Slot, and it provides an attachment point for a cable to prevent your monitor (or a laptop as seen in the picture below) from being moved or stolen
2.How do you use a laptop lock?
For a key-based laptop lock, insert the key directly into the back of the laptop lock and twist the key. This will unlock the lock and allow you to remove it from your computer. For a combination-based lock, set your combination by adjusting each wheel until the correct number is displayed on the front of the lock.

In fact, every notebook computer has a keyhole. The laptop lock, as the name implies, actually locks the computer from being stolen. method

1. First of all, the general password of the password computer lock is 0000 (four zeros). The default initial password. If you think the password 0000 is fine, you don’t need to read the introduction of steps 3, 4, and 5 below. You can directly see steps 2 and 6. If you think this password is too simple and you need to adjust the password, please read on.

2. Bolt the other end except the lock to a solid body.
3. How to adjust the password after adjusting the password at the other end? First, the initial password of (0000) has been adjusted. Then press and hold the small button at the bottom to adjust the password you want.

4. Just release the small button after adjusting the password you want first, don't release the small button, release it after adjustment. Otherwise it is easy to mess up the password.

5. After messing up your password, you're done.

6. The other end is bolted to the solid and the end with the lock can be directly inserted into the keyhole of the computer for use.


When adjusting the password, please do not release the small button, otherwise it is easy to change the password, please remember.

3.Do laptop locks really work?
-Physically locking your laptop to an immovable object isn't exactly the coolest thing you can do, but it works. ... A laptop lock isn't svelte, but it is secure. These laptop locks work just as bicycle chain locks do: You find a large, immovable object, such as your desk, and wrap the metal cable around it

-The full name of the laptop lock is the laptop lock, which is a security product that prevents the laptop from being stolen by physical means.
- In the protection of the whole machine, some anti-theft locks are generally used most now. Now ordinary laptops are equipped with anti-theft lock slots. Users can purchase a wire anti-theft lock to lock, that is, one end is inserted into the lock slot and the other end is wrapped around an object that is difficult to move, so as to meet the most basic anti-theft requirements . Some such anti-theft locks can be opened with a key, while others require a password to be removed. These anti-theft locks can be seen in general laptop stores. For the safety of their laptops, merchants usually use anti-theft locks to lock their laptops when they are displayed. Ordinary home users or offices will also use them to lock their laptops when they go out. . The advantage of this anti-theft lock is that it is relatively simple to operate and the price is relatively cheap.

4.Do all laptops have lock slot?
Most laptops have some kind of security slot built into their chassis. ... If you don't have a Dell laptop and your notebook has a lock slot, it's almost certainly a Kensington Security Slot. However, if you have a very thin laptop, particularly some special laptop, it is possible you have the new Mini Security Slot


Our laptops and tablets are valuable not just because they represent significant investments, but also because of the sensitive business data and crucial personal information that lives on our devices. In today’s world of mobile workforces and BYOD trends, guarding against device theft is the first line of defense to save data from falling into the wrong hands. Mobile devices enable workplace flexibility, but that inherent portability also makes them more likely to be stolen. To protect mobile devices and the sensitive information they contain, K’s comprehensive portfolio of physical security products—including keyed and combination locks, portable locks, and locking stations—provide a range of tough, reliable, and easy to use security solutions. Let’s take a look at the different locking options available, and some best practices for choosing the best lock for your work environment.




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