Stainless Steel Brake Cable For Adult Bike

Stainless Steel Brake Cable For Adult Bike

outer casing: PVC,PE or as requirement
construction of steel: 1*7,7*7,1*19,7*19,etc
zinc head: 6mm*7mm,7mm*8mm,etc
kits include: steel wire+outer casing +end accessories
HS code: 871410000
end parts: can be zinc nipples or as requirement
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Learn how to ride a bicycle:

The difficulty for adults to learn to ride a bicycle is that they have a heavy body and a high center of gravity. When they don’t know how to master the balance, they are in a hurry and can easily fall down!

If you break down the movements of riding a bicycle, first learn to use your hands to master the balance, and then learn to ride with your feet, you can also learn to bike without falling for two hours!

First of all, you have to borrow a small-wheeled bicycle and adjust the seat cushion of the bicycle to a lower position to ensure that after you sit on it, your feet can steadily rest on the ground.

Then, look for a place where there are few pedestrians and cars, such as a road or a square. Get on the bicycle, row backward with your feet, put your feet away slightly, let the bicycle slide forward, learn to master the balance of the faucet, and experience The key to "Where does the car fall, and where does the leader move"! Slowly, you will have experience, knowing how easy it is to master the faucet! If you look for a slight downhill, you can save even the stroke of your feet!

When both hands learn to master the faucet, you can maintain the balance of the bicycle. At this point, learning to pedal the bicycle pedal with both feet can also start. Anyway, as long as it is possible to fall, your feet are already supported, so and so, how can there be any reason to fall all over your body?

When you can ride the bike in circles, you should start to learn to use the brakes and let the bike stop slowly! Otherwise, like some beginners, you may be panicked when you meet pedestrians and yell the pedestrians to "keep away, get away"! Then the bicycle crashed down with you!

Finally, learn to get on and off the car. When riding a bicycle, put your left foot on the left pedal, let your body weight stand on the left pedal and slide, and then sit on the seat cushion, which is the action of getting on the bike; when sliding, step your right foot on the ground, which is The car!

Workshop for producing bicycle control lines:

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