Stainless Steel Wire Control Cables

Stainless Steel Wire Control Cables

New PVC material
cold, heat and oxidation resistance
suitable for a variety of extreme climatic conditions riding
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The front derailleur installation method of bicycle:

1. Open the fastening screws of the front dial, and the installation seat is open.

2. Put the front dao dial into the seat tube and close the mounting seat, and tighten the mounting screws gently by hand.

3. Adjust the front derailleur to keep parallel to the chainring.

4. Make sure that the clamp block (a long plastic block) at the initial position of the front derailleur is in the corresponding position of the front derailleur, and then adjust the up and down positions of the front derailleur on the riser so that the installation line on the front derailleur is away from the chainring The maximum disk tooth tip is about 1~2 mm, and the front set screw can be locked with a wrench.

5. Turn the finger dial fine-tuning screw that controls the front derailleur to the end clockwise, then exit 1.5 turns, and adjust the finger dial to the gear of the largest chainring (3rd gear). Install the shifting cable in place along the frame, and finally connect the shifting cable end to the front shifting cable locking screw to gently tighten the shifting cable and then lock it.

6. Pull out the initial position clamping block (plastic block) of the front derailleur and fine-tune the position of the front derailleur before you can ride on the road.

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