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Galvanized steel wire brake cable for automobiles brake system
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  1. Electric bicycles are generally divided into two categories. One is "zero-start electric bicycles", which are generally called electric bicycles. Although this kind of electric bicycle has pedal riding function, it can completely rely on electric riding. There is also a kind of "intelligent electric bicycle". This kind of intelligent electric bicycle cannot be fully electric riding. It is a power-assisted electric bicycle that requires human riding. Generally, it is a one-to-one assist, that is, human-machine equal power. Electric bicycles are products with Chinese characteristics, and they also have independent intellectual property rights. They have attracted the attention of foreign dealers and have been imported from my country.

  2. These bike control cables and speedometers possess vast popularity among major bike makers such as Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, TVS, Bajaj, LML, Hero Honda, etc. We manufacture these durable and hassle free cables under the specifications of OE standard. These cables are also available in customized form according to the requirements of clients

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