Mini Bike Throttle Control Cable

Mini Bike Throttle Control Cable

New PVC material
Cold, heat and oxidation resistance
Suitable for a variety of extreme climatic conditions riding
Can provide customized services
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3. Frame material of bike

The frame is the soul of the bicycle. A good bicycle frame must meet the three conditions of light weight, sufficient strength and high rigidity. As a bicycle type, of course, the lighter the weight, the better, so that the less effort you can ride faster; strong enough means that the frame will not break and bend under high-strength riding safety concerns; high rigidity means The frame needs to be hard enough.

Sometimes a frame with poor rigidity may not have safety concerns, but the power transmission of the frame is too poor when riding, making the rider feel like the car is dragging when stepping on it, even if the frame is light and strong enough, it is too rigid. But this is still a substandard sports bike.

Among the commercially available vehicle types, the frame materials that can meet the above-mentioned good frame standards are aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, titanium alloy and alloy steel.

1. Aluminum alloy: The riding texture of aluminum alloy is sensitive, lightweight, and highly rigid, but it also conveys every bit of vibration response on the ground at the expense of comfort.

2. Carbon fiber: The characteristics of carbon fiber are more elasticity, stable riding, long-distance cruising, and high comfort.

3. Titanium alloy: The characteristics of titanium alloy are very similar to the combination of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. It can have elasticity similar to carbon fiber and enjoy the lightness and rigidity of aluminum alloy, but these benefits can be achieved at prices much higher than other materials. .

4. Steel: Steel is the most traditional frame material for bicycles. Many modern alloy steels can achieve good results in rigidity, elasticity, transmission and stability. The only disadvantage is that steel is made of several materials in terms of weight. The heavier.

We must remind readers that each of the above materials has high and low grades. The characteristics described here are for high-grade products (that is, high-priced products). The above advantages and disadvantages in low-document products It can be said that it does not exist (all are inferior).

In addition, although some products are expensive, due to the lack of material handling capabilities (such as carbon fiber and titanium alloy), or the manufacturer’s poor geometric design of the frame, there may also be products with poor riding feelings. In short, any material There will be good or bad grades, which cannot be generalized.

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