Insulated Sheathed Control Cable

Insulated Sheathed Control Cable

Conductor Material: Steel
Jacket: PVC.PA.PE or as custom
Insulation Material: PVC
Item name: Motorcycle control brake cable
Wire Construction: 7*7,7*19,1*19,6*19 etc
Material: Stainless, galvanized, zinc or other
Length: 1.5mm,15mm or as custom
Color: Black or other as required
End fitting: Nipples,terminal or other
Head or nipple: Custom size
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Product Details

Shared bike:

Currently, OFO, Mobike and Harrow have obvious advantages in China's shared bicycle market. Among them, Mobike has the largest number of sales, exceeding 4.5 million units, and a market share of 60%. The report also shows that shared bicycles are more popular with young men . Among Chinese bike-sharing users, males account for 54.2% and females account for 45.8%. In the age distribution of users, 25-35 years old people use the most, followed by people under 25 years old. In the frequency of use, users use 3 to 4 times a week the most.

In fact, the essence of shared bicycles is a new type of vehicle rental business-bicycle rental business, which mainly relies on (bicycle) bicycles. It can make full use of the sluggish bicycle travel caused by the rapid economic development in the city, maximize the pass rate of public roads, and play a role in exercising.

Shared bicycles have solved the busy last "one kilometer" of urban people, but some people are skeptical of its "business routine" and "profit model", some are slandering its life cycle, and some are advocating its smart riding... ...But let us have to admit that more and more people are using shared bicycles. It makes our lives better and makes more people fall in love with cycling. More importantly, it is low-carbon and environmentally friendly. , This is the value of shared bicycles!


The history of shared bicycle development:

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