Bicycle Assembly For Brake Cable

1.Kits incude steel wire ,out casing ,end accessories
2.Coating: PVC,PE or other
3. Condition: new
4. Lead time: 7 days if there were enough material in stock
5.Sample: Free sample available,please contact
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Inner Cable Auto Bicycle Brake Cable Assembly

Product Description

Item Name

Inner Cable Auto Bicycle Brake Cable Assembly

Outer CasingSteel+Plastic outer brake cable
LengthStandard Size
Payment TermsT/T. 50% as deposit, 50% must be paid before delivery
PriceFactory direct sale low price
Place of OrigionGuangdong, China (Mainland)
TypeOuter brake cable suit for automobile
Products QualityA grade outer brake cable
Delivery Date15-20 days after the advance

Detailed Images

B4 brake cable (12)B4 brake cable (9)

The basic working principle of the motor:

The basic principle of electric motors is electricity and magnetism, which are divided into DC and AC motors. The common ones in factories are AC motors. AC motors are divided into asynchronous motors and synchronous motors. We usually use 50hz AC asynchronous motors.

There are many forms of motors, but their working principles are based on the law of electromagnetic induction and the law of electromagnetic force. Therefore, the general principle of its construction is: use appropriate magnetic and conductive materials to form magnetic circuits and circuits that conduct electromagnetic induction with each other to generate electromagnetic power and achieve the purpose of energy conversion. According to the different starting and operating modes of the motor, it can be divided into capacitor-starting single-phase asynchronous motors, capacitor-operating single-phase asynchronous motors, capacitor-starting single-phase asynchronous motors, split-phase single-phase asynchronous motors, and three-phase motors.

According to the structure of the rotor, the motor can be divided into a cage induction motor. You are using this type (the old standard is called a squirrel cage asynchronous motor) and a wound rotor induction motor (the old standard is called a wound asynchronous motor) Electric motor). The squirrel cage is a closed loop.

(1) When a three-phase asynchronous motor is connected to a three-phase AC power supply (each phase differs by 120 degrees in electrical angle), the three-phase stator windings flow through the three-phase magnetomotive force (stator rotating magnetomotive force) generated by the three-phase symmetrical current and generate A rotating magnetic field that rotates clockwise along the inner circular space of the stator and rotor at a synchronous speed.

  (2) The rotating magnetic field and the rotor conductor have relative cutting motion. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, the rotor conductor (the rotor winding is a closed path) generates induced electromotive force and induced current (the direction of the induced electromotive force is determined by the right hand rule).

  (3) According to the law of electromagnetic force, under the action of induced electromotive force, the rotor conductor will produce an induced current that is basically the same as the direction of induced electromotive force. The current-carrying rotor conductor is subjected to electromagnetic force in the magnetic field generated by the stator (the direction of the force is determined by the left-hand rule). The electromagnetic force forms an electromagnetic torque on the motor rotor shaft, driving the motor rotor to rotate in the direction of the rotating magnetic field. When there is a mechanical load on the shaft, it outputs mechanical energy. Since the magnetic flux of the part without the short-circuit ring leads the magnetic flux of the part with the short-circuit ring, the direction of rotation of the motor is the same as that of the rotating magnetic field.

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